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Fieldpine provides Retail Solutions for store automation, such as Point Of Sale (POS), inventory and stock management, customer management, loyalty programs and analytical reporting. These are available as private in-house systems, fully online cloud based or a combination of the two.

The following outlines some commonly enquired system limits. As the Fieldpine system is both distributed and can use different environments easily (eg switch database engines) limits can be hard to generalise. Fieldpine will typically work to remove any limit that is causing an issue for a customer with justifiable need. These limits may be reduced in some versions of the product.

In the table below, a "hard" limit is one that is constrained by something. A "soft" limit is not a real limit but a guideline to practical or tested range. A "test" limit is the point at which we have stopped testing.

All limits clearly depend on the devices being used having sufficient memory and storage to store information

Maximum Products Test: 500,000 Tablets and Mobile phones without storage have a smaller limit
Maximum Customers Soft: 50,000,000 Large numbers of customers will require more reliable networks and infrastructure
Maximum Sales Hard: 2,000,000,000 Maximum in head office master database, stores will hold less. Limit can be lifted if required.
Maximum Lanes per Store Soft: 250 Number of individual checkouts in a single store. This limit is historic and will be removed in future releases
Maximum Stores Soft: 10,000
Hard: 100M
While there is no real restriction on maximum stores, some reports assume they can list all stores which does not really work for large volumes.
Head Office Sales/Second Soft: 140 The rate at which sales can be received into head office on a typical single server setup. This figure is indicative of the load that can be sustained. You can sell faster than this rate, this is only the speed at which head office records sales.
Maximum Items/Sale Test: 270,000 Limit of how many individual items (salelines) can be placed on a single sale. This limit is the maximum we have tested, the hard limit is much larger.
Maximum User Attributes/Table Soft: 50 Where customer specific attributes are stored, this is the limit supported. This does not apply to Fieldpine attributes.
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