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Prepay and Gift Cards

Prepay cards in the Point of Sale are uniquely numbered cards that can have monetary value. Your customers can purchase prepay cards from you and then use these cards for purchases in the future without needing cash. Prepay cards are also used for Gift cards and sometimes for returns, where the customer might be given a prepay card rather than cash.

Obtaining Cards

There are a range of options for cards. There are card printing companies that will mass produce cards for you, or you can print your own using specialised card printers, or even just print on paper and laminate if you prefer

Each card receives a unique identifying barcode. Fieldpine issue this range to you. Do not print all cards with the same barcode

Mini Statements

Mini Statement

At the POS terminal you are able to print a mini statement which shows the most recent topups and purchases. Customers frequently query balances and the mini statement is intended to be given to them to remind them of recent transactions.