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QtyDiscounts PHYSICAL Table Structure

This page contains technical detail about the physical database structure. It is not required for normal day to day operation of the Point Of Sale.


FieldNameDatatypeMeta InfoGnapDescription
qidnumberPrimary Key. Not zero100/EA unique internal id assigned to this row.
pidnumber101/EProduct id
IsUnitnumber104/EControl and flags information. bit 0,1,2 pricing mode. 0=each, 1=outers, 2=threshold pricing
bit 4 = sale limited
pctstring, 16 zerolen106/s
dowstring:7107/s Day of week mask. Used to set pricemap entries that should only apply on certain days of the week.

If a DOW mask is present (not empty), all days default to off unless present and enabled. To enable a field place a Y (or 'y' or '1') into its day position. Sunday is the first field, followed by Monday. We recommend capital Y and N as the mask characters for maximum reliability

Mask: YY - only allow on Sunday and Monday
Mask: NY - only allow on Monday
Mask: YNNNNNY - only allow on Sunday and Saturday
Mask: NNNYyNN - only allow on Wednesday and Thursday
Mask: 0111 - only allow on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

cpsqlstring,48 zerolen108/s
dtstartdate109/sStart date for this record. It cannot be selected until this date. Time may be included.
dtenddate110/sEnd date that this record will no longer be selectable. A precise time of day can be applied, such as "24-feb-2018 14:04"
maxqtynumber112/ESet the maximum number of units over all sales that this discount can apply too. It is not restricting how many units the shopper may purchase. Use of MaxQty has a number of additional restrictions and is not recommended.


A unique primary key should exist on the qid field.


This table can be complex to load directly, we suggest using the Quantity pricing prompt screens to set this information

If using an Oracle database, some of the fields above may need renaming. "table" should be renamed "qtable" and "group" should be renamed "qgroup".