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TushLog PHYSICAL Table Structure

This page contains technical detail about the physical database structure. It is not required for normal day to day operation of the Point Of Sale.

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This table holds a log of all TUSH identification blocks seen. A TUSH block can be large and complex, with most fields are voluntary.

TUSH blocks hold information about a system. For details about a user or application, see CREDLog.

Example Row

PhyskeyDateMACIPCpuName SystemNameDiskSerial
VBR74B5I3954B5H47 1-Jan-2015 00-10-20-30-40-CF DevDell Dell Vostro 1500 SI9283828J65


FieldNameDatatypeMeta InfoGnapDescription
Physkeystring:44,zerolen100/sUnique key assigned to this record
PhyskeyHashlong101/EHash version of Physkey. This field can potentially have duplicates
Datedatetime102/sDate/Time this record was created
MACstring:24,zerolen120/sPrimary MAC address of system. Where multiple MAC addresses are present, the originator selects primary
IPstring:24,zerolen121/sPrimary IP address of system. Where multiple IP addresses are present, the originator selects primary
DiskSerial123/sDisk drive serial number. This is not the Volume serial number assigned when a drive is formatted, it is the physical device serial number. Not all disks are capable of supplying this information
SystemName125/sHardware description as stored in BIOS
SystemVendor127/sHardware manufacturer
CpuName128/sThe name of the computer as given by Windows
WindowsVersion160/sActual version of Windows in use
TustKey200/sUnique id used on TUST status packets. This value is very likely to be unique over all systems, however it will be identical for machines that are ghosted at the physical disk level.
The WLAN_* information can be present multiple times. As multiple wireless networks may be visible we will record as many entries as possible. Increase the final number on the field to store more entries. There is no guarantee what order records will be written.
WLAN_SSID_0/sName of visible wireless network
WLAN_BSSID_0/sAccess Point MAC for visible wireless network
WLAN_Signal_0/ESignal strength


❖ A unique primary key should exist on the physkey field.
❖ You may wish to index PhyskeyHash as an alternative for performance reasons.