eLink APPT 21,271 User Flow Log Packet Definition

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This APPT packet holds information about User Flow, which records the path, or flow, a user took through a series of screens in order to build a transaction. It is typically used to record the complete operation, such as values input and decisions made.

2'E'Required. Constant '271'
3'E'Required. Constant '21'
100's'Txk, where available
101's'Creating file name, typically the constant __FILE__ from a C compiler
102's'Date source code created __DATE__ from a C compiler
103's'Time source code created __TIME__ from a C compiler
104'y'Date/Time is flow was started
110's'Function Name. Typically seen in child packets when a routine is called asyncronously and this field stores the name of the routine.
111'E'Records that a __LINE__ was passed
112'E'Records that a __LINE__ was passed and the line is considered abnormal in that it is the less common path
113'E'Records that a __LINE__ was passed and that the line is typically associated with error conditions
115VariesOptional data associated with the line (f111, f112 or f113) just processed.
116'E'Stored before a line to indicate that the next line is from a different module to the one normally in use
118'E'Timestamp as delta offset in mS from f104
190'E'Records that a StandardScreen is being started
191'E'Records that the standard screen has closed and the status of this is the value.
200'E'Supplier Id
201'E'Sale Id
202'E'Teller Id
203'E'Saleline control. Value is operation performed. Generally immediately followed by saleline APPT. Codes: 4=item deleted from sale
204'E'Employee Id
600's'Document reference, such as invoice number
601's'Document date for document in f600
602's'Document expected total
610's'Variant Description
611's'Variant Price
612's'Line Cost
613's'Return date

This packet may also include sub packets of any type, to hold additional information.

This packet relies on the sequence of information being stored into the packet to explain the flow over time. It should not be processed into JSON formats, as this will lose the sequential nature of this packet.