eLink APPT 21,5 Quantity Discount Price Break Packet Definition

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This APPT packet contains details of a price/quantity break for a single product.

2'E'Required. Constant '5'
3'E'Required. Constant '21'
100'E'Internal discount id
101'E'Product id (pid) to use for this price break
103'E'Quantity, being the minimum quantity required. Note that 1 is a valid quantity
105's'Price to be used for this quantity
107's'Day of Week mask on which price break is to apply. If present, will be exactly 7 characters long with "Y" or "N" in each day position. The first position is @@@
109's'Start Date/Time after which this price break may apply
110's'End Date/Time after which this price break may no longer be used.
111'E'Location at which this price break is valid. A value of zero means all locations may utilise this price break
120'E'Type of price break
200's'Quantity decoded and expressed in human readable shortform. For example, a qty of 200 grams may be expressed as "200 gm"