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eLink retailmax.elink.locations

This bucket provides access to stores and locations defined in the retail system. Within the Fieldpine system a location is defined as a place that can either hold stock or sell stock. Typically this means a physical geographic location such as a store or warehouse. For websites and similar a location would exist for each different website (brand) in use.

Input Arguments

3's'Required. Constant 'retailmax.elink.locations'
9's'Predicates to select data to return.
8'E'Maximum rows to return.

Output Arguments

f100LocidThe location_id for this location.
f101NameThe name of this location.
f102geoLatLocation Latitude
f103geoLongLocation Longitude
f104City. This may be blank even if a complete address is supplied.
f106Address line 1. Address fields can either be written individually, or a complete address may be written using F500
f107Address line 2
f108Address line 3
f109Address line 4
f110Address line 5
f111Address line 6
f112CommentsComments. Free form for comments. These comments are considered internal comments, not public comments
f122Active flag. Indicates a location that is open and available for use, as different to historic records.
f123Publish indicator. Set to 1 for locations that are considered published to external places such as websites.
f125OpenDtThe date this store first opened to customers
f126CloseDtThe date this store closed to customers
f150PhoneStore phone number as available to shoppers
f151EmailAn email address that can be made available to shoppers
f152IntroEnA small descriptive blurb describing this store. Intended for eCommerce sites to use as the description.
f153OpenHoursFree form text describing the normal opening hours of this store
f154ContactA contact name that can be given to shoppers as a primary contact for the store. May be an actual name, or a generic term such as "Customer service" or "the manager"
f155DescriptiveAddressA explanatory form of the physical address of this store. Typcially used to aid the shopper finding a store where the formal address might not be completely helpful
f160DeliveryAddressDelivery address of this store. This would be as printed on courier and postal labels.
f161Buyers phone number for this store. Typically used on purchase order and supplier communications. Not made publically available.
f162FormalNameFormal store name, as would be used on purchase orders and similar purposes
f198IconUrlA url providing a image that can be used as an identification icon for this store.
f300PublicNameFriendly version of store name for general public use
f500 (?)A complete address, as might be entered by a user. The individual lines should be delimted with '|', or CR or LF. Blank lines are discarded. This field provides a helper so that forms can simply request the complete address and do not need to attempt to parse the resultant input.
f301CostCentreFinancial cost centre used in accounting system
f302QuickDialQuick dial phone number for internal PABX
f303QuickFaxQuick dial fax number for internal PABX
f304MobileMobile phone number of store
f305EmailMgrStore Managers email
f6000PowerAccPower Supplier Account Number
f1064000NzlMtaNoMTA Membership number
f1064001NzlPowerIcpPower supplier ICP reference number
f1064002NzlPowerRetailerPower supplier (retailer)
f1064003AVICAVIC Id
f1064004NZTAApprovalNZTA Approval #
f1064005NZTAAssesorNZTA Assesor
f2064000NzlDatacomPayrollIdDatacom Payroll Id
f3000000InStoreRadioThe store is fitted with some type of in store captive radio system


Select and return any two locations. The "8=2" is used to restrict output to two rows.

Select extended details for store #3 and reply in JSON format


{ "RootType":"ARAY","f500":4,
   "Name":"Lower Hutt",
   "Comments":"Lower Hutt Store",
   "IntroEn":"Right in the heart of Lower Hutt our store staff are eager to help you",
   "DeliveryAddress":"123 Some street",
   "DescriptiveAddress":"Positioned by the mall entrance next to the theatre",