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Returns metadata about the available media for a given item and area. This might be a single product, customer, store or a complete "area" such as all stores. It is not possible to get all information from all areas in a single call (too much data)

Media information, typically photographs, is uploaded via each areas normal edit methods. For example images of products are added by calling retailmax.elink.product.edit and supplying the image in f199

Input Arguments

3's'Required. Constant ''
9's'Predicates to select data to return.
8 or 20'E'Maximum rows to return.
100'E'Mode Control. What information is to be returned: This is a bitmask of the following values

Output Fields

f200eLinkFileFile name this media is contained in. This can vary from time to time as information is reorganised on the server.
f201BytesRaw size of media in bytes. This is the amount of physical storage being used to hold this piece of media. For images it is very likely to be the size of the image returned.
f202LocalUrlA Url that can be used to reference this media. This is a relative url that can be used against this server. Urls can change over time depending on format. Urls that start with "/geni/lib_rtphys_" do not change and retrieve the media by fetching against its physical key. Urls that start with a different pattern should be considered short lived (days).
EXIFSubPacketInformation from EXIF headers if available
f300?Experimental, do not use


Return metadata information about all available media related to locations




Return information about



				<ModDt>2010:07:23 11:47:37</ModDt> 

EXIF Packet Structure

If an EXIF packet is supplied it will include any relevant tags it can understand. The "tag numbers" used in EXIF are used directly to encode the field numbers, so unknown fields can be referenced from the EXIF specification. The following is some of the more common fields.

The EXIF structure is not designed to return ALL information available, you should use external applications if you wish to fully analyse the contents

Field #Field NameExif TagDescription
f306ModDt01:32Modification date/time
f33432Copyright82:98Copyright information