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eLink retailmax.elink.products

This bucket provides access to defined products in the system. It will return requested details on one or more products. Products can have a large number of attributes (price, description, weight, etc) and it is recommended that you only request the attributes you require in order to keep performance high.


Major Fields

f100 Pid
Unique primary key assigned to each product.
f101 Description
Product Description
f103 Price
Base retail price


f500 is a special input selection field that will search multiple fields and is "typing aware" when searching

Quick Example


   <f101>Example Product</f101>

Input Arguments

3's'Required. Constant 'retailmax.elink.products'
9's'Predicates to select data to return.
8'E'Maximum rows to return.

Output Fields

Field#NameDatatypeFlags Description
f100PidNumberPresent Selectable Unique The product id (pid) for this record. Zero will not be a pid value. The number itself has no meaning, it is just a unique identification number
f101DescriptionStringPresent Selectable Product Description
f103PriceYesNo Unit Price. The basic list retail price of this item. This is not necassarily the price that will be charge to customers, as many other factors affect final customer pricing.
f104SpidYesNo Last Supplier id
f105PLUYesYes PLU code assigned to this product
f106DepidYesNo Department id
f108LastCostYesNo Last Cost Price
f198PublishNoYes Publish indicator. This indicator is set non-zero when this item can be published to external users, such as web servers. The use of the publish indicator is optional and web servers are still free to query any product that security settings permit.
f500NoYes Combination search field. If a predicate is searched against this field the system will internally query several fields, which can be easier than specifying each field to be searched individually. If supplied in a selection predicate then the output will contain a sensible product description type field(s)
f510UpSizeNoNo Pid of a product (f100) considered to be bigger than this prouct. This is the upsize for this product.
f511DownSizeNoNo Pid of a product (f100) considered to be smaller than this prouct. This is the downsize for this product.
f512NoNo Return extended pricing information for this product. As this information is more complex than a single field value, you request field 512 to be returned and the server will return an APPT packet with extending pricing information. See the examples below.

This bucket also includes the GDS Retail Item universal object fields. This means that the fields that are present in this common definition can also be present in this bucket. Where GDS fields are used, they are mapped by adding 8388608 to the GDS field# to get a value for this buckets output record. For example, GDS Field# 200 becomes (8388608 + 200 = 8388808).

Bucket Field#GDS Field#PresentPredicatesDescription
8388818210NoFree form user size information, such as "Adult, 5 pack"
8389009401NoBrand name (text string)
83916083000NoGluten free indicator.
83916093001NoOrganic indicator
83916103002NoDiary free indicator
83916113003NoLow Sugar indicator
83916123004NoVegan indicator
83916133005NoLow salt indicator
83916143006NoYeast free indicator
83916153007NoLow fat indicator
83916163008NoRaw/unprocessed indicator
83916173009NoKosher indicator
83926084000NoFair trade indicator
83926094001NoOut of season indicator
83927084100NoCountry of origin
83927724164NoMade in New Zealand indicator
83907122104NoWeb Category Group. Preferred website major category, such as "Fruit" or "Electrical". Website categories can be nested and where nesting occurs, each level is delimited by the pipe character. For example, "Fruit|Fresh" indicates a product that belongs to major group Fruit, and a subgroup of Fresh within the major group.
83907162108NoSpecial indicator. Used to indicate that the item should be marked as "on special"
83907172109NoOut of stock indicator. This is an indicator, typically manually set, to flag this product should be considered out of stock. This field provides a manual override of the stock level information provided in other fields.
83907182110NoOnly available instore indicator
83907192111NoDelivery charge information.
83906172009NoEnglish short descriptive text for item. Purpose is under images or menu tags.
83911172509NoEnglish descriptive text for item. Holds the long form text to describe this item.
83921173509NoEnglish keywords. A list of user provided additonal keywords that relate to this item. Individual items will be delimited by a comma (,) or the pipe (|) characters


/gnap/buck?3=retailmax.elink.products&9=f100,1,10 Returns details of products 0 to 9 inclusive, if they exist

/gnap/buck?3=retailmax.elink.products&9=f500,8,ab Returns details of products that have "ab" in one of several fields, such as description or PLUcode

/gnap/buck?3=retailmax.elink.products&9=f100,0,7&11=debugset3&10=8390617,8390716-8390718,8391117,8391608-8391616,8392117 Request specific fields for a single product. (This record is retrieved from a test reference database)

Request pricing information for product #37: /gnap/buck?3=retailmax.elink.products&9=f100,0,37&10=512

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?> 

 <ARAY>  <DATS>   <f100>37</f100>    <f101>Logbook 50 form duplicate</f101>    <f103>7.2000</f103>    <f104>12</f104>    <f105>LB2</f105>    <f106>3</f106>    <f108>3.4000</f108>   <APPT>   <f3>21</f3>  // Constant for pricing information   <f2>5</f2>  // Constant for pricing information   <f101>37</f101>  // Product id. Will match f100   <f100>5</f100>  // Internal pricing id   <f103>1</f103>  // Minimum quantity required to get this price   <f105>7.200000</f105>  // Price   </APPT>  <APPT>   <f3>21</f3>    <f2>5</f2>    <f101>37</f101>    <f100>6</f100>    <f103>10</f103>    <f105>6.500000</f105>    </APPT>   </DATS>   </ARAY>