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Returns complete information on a single sale

This bucket may be restricted by system administrators.

Input Arguments

3 Required. Constant ''
9Predicates to select data to return.

Output Fields

This bucket returns an ARAY packet, and zero or more DATS packets for each result sale.

The fields on the DATS packet for each sale are:

f100The Fieldpine sale#. This is a unique non zero number.
FieldPresent by DefaultPredicatesDescription
f101YesNoCompleted Date/Time
f108YesNoPhase. A coded number indicating the state/type of sale. See table below.
f109YesNoStart Date/Time
f115YesNoTeller Id
f117YesNoCustomer Id
f130NoYesExternal Sale #. External Sale Ids must be able to be encoded in XML strings. They are typically stored in 32 byte database fields.
600NoNo Online Sale Receipt URL.
601NoNo Will Print indicator. (Active Sales only)

Sale Phases

Sale phases indicate the overall state of a sale. Not all "sales" stored in the database relate to true completed sales, some represent returns, active sales, parked sales or even deleted sales stored for audit purposes.
0An active sale
1A normally completed historic sale record
5Parked sale. Held in limbo, not complete but not active on screens either.
8Stock writeoff. Not all systems create sales to hold stock writeoffs.
200Sale awaiting stock picking. Typically used by online web sales, which will insert a sale in this phase to indicate that stock picking is required
10000Deleted sale held for audit purposes
Fieldpine can add sale phases without warning.


/gnap/buck?,0,82837262 Fetch detail of sale# 82837262
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