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eLink retailmax.elink.saleflat.list

Returns details about sales matching criteria specified. The sales are returned as a single row with summarised items and payments information. Conceptually the output is what you might place in an Excel spreadsheet if you listed one sale per row.

This bucket may be restricted by system administrators.

Input Arguments

3 Required. Constant ''
9Predicates to select data to return.


This API allows the following predicates:

101 (Sid).
Individual sale selection
102 (Completeddt).
103 (Teller)
105 (Location)
107 (SaleTotal)
108 (CustomerId)
109 (Phase)
111 (TotalBasketQty)
112 (SalesType)
113 (SalelineCount)
114 (CustomerEmail)
115 (Flybuy)
158 (DerivedCid)
200 (Pid)
202 (Qty)
203 (ItemTotalPrice)
204 (ItemTaxRate)
210 (ItemGrossProfit)
211 (Regno)
212 (LtnzRef)
213 (DocumentRef)
A wildcard predicate that will search 211 (Regno), 212 (LtnzRef) and 213 (DocumentRef) for the specified value
300 (PaymentType)
800 (SupplierId)
801 (DepartmentId
802 (PrepayAccountId)

If a phase predicate is not supplied, then only "normal" sales are returned as a default.

Output Fields

This bucket returns an ARAY packet, and zero or more APPT packets for each resulting sale.

The fields on the APPT packet for each sale are:

f101SidThe Fieldpine sale#. This is a unique non zero number.


This API uses extensive caching and optimisation techniqiues so that database queries are not always required.