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eLink retailmax.elink.supplier.partcodes Bucket

Returns information on valid supplier partcodes for a product

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Input Arguments

3's'Required. Constant 'retailmax.elink.supplier.pricebook'
9's'Predicates to select data to return.
8 or 20'E'Maximum rows to return.
100'E' mode Control. Set this to 1 to have the system return best fit information. Supply the quantity to be fit as a predicate f106, and the system will return an array of best fit partcodes.

Output Fields

f100YesYesThe Product id required
f101YesYesThe supplier id required.
f106YesYesDesired quantity



Return all valid partcodes for product id#17.


Return the best fit supplier partcodes for product id#17, supplier id#3, when ordering 20 units