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eLink retailmax.elink.supplier.pricebook.decode

For a given supplier read any price book they have provided and return contents. This returns information about their partcodes, products, prices and pricebreaks as well as outer sizes and minimum order quantities.

Supplier pricebooks vary wildly in the level of information they provide. This bucket will attempt to extrapolate missing data if possible. For example if the price list shows the price of an outer (12 units) is $60 but does not provide an individual price, this bucket will return "5" (Assuming that you can split outers and order a single unit)

Input Arguments

3's'Required. Constant 'retailmax.elink.supplier.pricebook.decode'
9's'Predicates to select data to return.
8 or 20'E'Maximum rows to return.

Output Fields

f101?Suppliers description of the product. If no supplier specific description is present, the system may elect to place your product description here. You should not rely on this field always having a value present.
f102?Outer quantity.
f103?Suppliers part code.
f105?Product Size
f106?Unit Cost of single items
f107?Case Cost. Price of an outer
f108?Outer packaging. Carton, sachet, bag etc.
f110?Product Id (pid) in POS. Zero if part code does not link to a product.
f111?Scan quantity. When the barcode in f104 is scanned, this identifies how many retail units are sold. Zero means not particular value supplied, which will generally imply a quantity of one.
f120? Brand
f121? Country of origin. Caution, not yet standardised.
f122? Supplier Division. Broad supplier division of products, such as "fresh" or "meat". There are not expected to be many divisions and a division would typically be order in isolation from other divisions.
f123? Product groupings. Simple text describing categorisation at supplier.
f124? Can split outers
f125? Product attributes. Caution. Not yet standardised.
f126? Packaging information from supplier. Will vary widely across suppliers.
f132? How this part code is connected to the product. A bitmask
  • 0. (no bits set) Not connected to a product, or unknown method.
  • Bit 1. Connected via retail barcode. POS knows this barcode as has a link to a product
  • Bit 2. Manually connected by retailer specifically entering information
If multiple connections are present the system will return at least one connection but may return others as well.


<f101>Natures Soy (Malt Free)</f101>