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This API is primarily used by browser based clients to process a login request. A supplied username/password combination is verified and if correct the authorisation details are loaded.

Input Arguments

8Required. Must be "retailmax.elink.teller.login"
200Username The login name to be validated. This field MUST be supplied as MD5 value
201Password The password to be validated. This field MUST be supplied as MD5 value
250UserAgent The user agent for the browser. Optional but recommended if possible.


There is a mandatory pause on this API in the case of failure. This means that if the username and password are not a valid match there will be a delay, typically around 3 seconds. This delay is by design and to ensure that automated password crackers are limited to the speed at which combinations can be checked.


Typical javascript to accept a username and password on a form a validate the user

// Request authorisation
var xPacket = "<DATI><f8_s>retailmax.elink.teller.login</f8_s><f11_B>I</f11_B>";
xPacket += "<f200_s>"+GdsMakeMD5(document.getElementById("login_user").value.toLowerCase())+"</f200_s>";
xPacket += "<f201_s>"+GdsMakeMD5(document.getElementById("login_pass").value)+"</f201_s>";
xPacket += "<f250_s>"+GdsMakeXML(navigator.userAgent)+"</f250_s>";
xPacket += "</DATI>";
PostXML_RetOjectForGNAP("/dati", xPacket, "DoLogin3Cb", 0, false);