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Upload an advanced shipping notification (ASN) for pending arrival of stock.

Major Fields

Quick Example

eLink retailmax.elink.stock.asn.add Bucket

Upload an advanced shipping notification (ASN) for pending arrival of stock. This would be called when a document has been received from a supplier advising that an order has been shipped, along with details of quantities shipped. This is not an order confirmation, it is an advice of what is actually shipping in response to an order. Typically suppliers generate ASNs when orders are physically packed for transport.

Input Arguments

f100 Key 's' Provided Unique The assigned key for this record in the system. (output)
f101 Spid 'E','s' Required Supplier Id
f102 EntryDt ? Defaulted Entry date of this ASN. The date this ASN was recorded in the system, value supplied by the system.
f103 ExpectDt ? The expected delivery date, and optionally time of this shipment. If a delivery window is provided this field contains the earliest delivery date
f104 Document 's' Required Supplier document reference code, or unique id assigned by them. This will typically be the packing slip number
f105 PONum 's' Multiple Purchase order number. If this shipment is in response to a purchase order, this field contains the original purchase order number.

Line Item Input Arguments

f200 Pid 'E','s' Our Product id
f201 PVariant 'E' Our Product id variant.
f202 QtyUnit 'E' Quantity in units of this item. 2 boxes with 12 in each box would be recorded as "24" in this field.
f500 SupCode 's' Suppliers part code for the item