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eLink retailmax.elink.customer.edit

Writing to this bucket allows manipulation of defined customers

Input Arguments

8's'Required. Constant 'retailmax.elink.customer.edit'
100'E'Required except for insert. Customer Id Number.
138'E'All Customer Flags. This field can be overriden by fields F139, F146 if they are present.
139'E'Mark Customer "Do Not Use", which also should cause it to be hidden from default view. The value must be zero or one.
146'E'Mark customer as excluded from all loyalty. The value must be zero or one.
147's'Appplication Number. The contents of this field is not defined and customers are free to store any format of application number in this field.
148's'Distributed Unique Creation Key. Used to control distributed creation of customers. Do not use of specify without explicit permission
500'E'Set the Account Manager for this customer. The value supplied is the 'tid' of the responsible staff member
501's'User specified address. A complete address can be written to this field and the system will decode and split the address into individual pieces for storage in the normal address fields.
See also: POS Customers Table Definition, which defines the underlying database storage written by this bucket.

This bucket may also allow the use of all GDS Person object fields, using an offset of 8388608 (8M). This means that Person object field 200 becomes customer bucket field 8,388,608+200 = 8,388,808

Output Fields

On success a QDNE is returned.
f100Customer Id created. Returned for insert