eLink retailmax.elink.purchaseorder.create Bucket

This bucket permits storing of new purchase orders to suppliers.

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Input Arguments

8's'Required. Constant 'retailmax.elink.purchaseorder.create'
101'E'Teller Id creating this order
102'E'Required. Supplier id. Supplier this order is directed too.
103's'Customers purchase order number. Provide a value if external purchase order numbering is in use. The server will provide a value if not supplied, and can override the requested value too in some configurations.
105'E'Ship to location id.
107's'Expected delivery date/time. If not provided the server may insert a default value
111'E'Ordering location id. This field is only required where ordering location is not the shipping location. Developers should send ship to location (f105) as a priority
115's'Supplier comments. Comments relating to this purchase order that can be sent to the supplier as part of the order
150'E'Generating application. A set of coded numbers used to identify which application created the purchase order. Values are assigned by Fieldpine
151'E'Generating application version.

This packet also includes one or more APPT 21/1 subpackets for each purchase order line describing products to be purchased. These order line subpackets can include APPT 21/7 size/price subpackets to describe exact supplier part codes being ordered.

Output Fields

On success a QDNE is returned.