eLink retailmax.elink.purchaseorder.received Bucket

This bucket permits storing of inbound purchase orders from customers, or sales that you have made via purchase orders.

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Input Arguments

8's'Required. Constant 'retailmax.elink.purchaseorder.received'
110's'Required. Customer email placing the order. Only one email can be supplied, and if this field is present multiple times, the email addresses must all be identical or the order will be rejected. Multiple emails can occur when the orders are received via email and the email reading agent may chose to add the senders email to the packet(s).
111's' Customers order number.
112 Order date
113 Date order required by

This packet also includes one or more APPT 21/1 subpackets for each purchase order line describing products to be purchased.

An optional APPT 21/401 subpacket may be included providing addtional delivery point information.

Output Fields

On success a QDNE is returned.