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eLink retailmax.elink.stock.receive API

This API records deliveries of stock into the system. The same API is used for different arrival methods such as receiving a purchase order, accepting an ASN or simply entering unexpected deliveries.

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Input Arguments

Main Header

8Func's'Required. Constant 'retailmax.elink.stock.receive'
103Code'E' Coded number to indicate what type of receive is being performed.
  • 2 - Unexpected delivery
  • 3 - Receive a purchase order
  • 12 - Receive all of an ASN
104Spid'E' Supplier id that this delivery is coming from
105RcvLoc'E' Receiving location. Where the stock is physically being delivered too
130RcvPoid'E' Purchase Order Id# if this receive operation is from a purchase order. When specifying a purchase order it is better to use F131 and supply the full key
131RcvPoidKey's' Purchase Order physkey if this receive operation is from a purchase order
140DocRef's' Reference number on this document. Suppliers invoice number, packing slip number or other unique identifier
141DocDate's' Date on the document itself. Not the current date unless document was issued today.
142TotalExTax's' The total on the document, excluding tax.
143TotalTax's' The total amount of tax showing on the document
144TotalIncTax's' The grand total showing on the document, including all taxes and charges.
145DocType'E' Coded number indicating the type of document we are receiving against.
  • 1 = Packing Slip
  • 2 = Invoice
  • 3 = Other
146Image's' Physkey of document photograph or scan
+ITEMSubpacket 1 or more subpackets containing individual detail lines

ITEM subpacket

200Pid'E' Product Id
201PVariant'E' Product Variant
202Qty'E' Quantity received. In mesurement units. If receiving a single outer containing 6 retail items, this field should contain "6"
304LineCost's' Total cost of this line
400FreightAlloc's' Total value of freight charge allocated to this line
401PackagingAlloc's' Total value of packaging and handling charge allocated to this line