Gds Machine Select Record

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General Description

This machine takes a stream of input values and selects (or joins) a record from a reference set.

Block Diagram

Gds Machine Select Record
Input values to check»100 110»Values from Pin 100 that have zero matches
Input reference set values»101 111»Values from Pin 100 that have one match
Select/Join criteria»120 112»Values from Pin 100 that have two or more matches
Destructive use flag (NYI)»121

Operating Characteristics

Memory LoadLow - High. Values from both streams are buffered and values cannot be routed to pins 110,111,112 until the reference set has fully loaded. If the reference set is large, memory demands may be high
Processor LoadMedium.

Operation Description

Pin120 This pin defines how values are to be matched. An input on this pin is required. Examples "120=198" Field #120 on pin 100 should be matched to field #198 from pin 101. ( @@ is this neeed, field info is supplied with pin wiring @@)

  1. The output on pin 110 is the same as the input on pin 100.
  2. The output on pin 111 is the input from pin 100, and the matching input from pin 101.
  3. The output on pin 112 is (@@ not yet defined @@)
  4. If (pin 111 and 112 are output to the same bus) and (pin 121 is not set) then records can be delivered before inputs have loaded all records.