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Alerts are small messages that GDS is able to route and process within your network. They are designed to provide quick and easy notification type events, but are not guaranteed delivery. This makes them ideal for monitoring real time conditions on remote systems, but they are not suited to guaranteed transactional requirements; that is handled by standard GDS data writes.


Technical Structure

f2f2_8GidRequired constant "23,1,0,0,7,0,0,0". This identifies this packet as an alert record.
f100f100NumberGenerating Application Code (see below)
f101f101NumberEvent code. This code is allocated by each application.
f103PID of creator
f104Reserved for presentation
f105Date/Time message received at server. this is not the time the message was created.
f110Number 1
f119Creator IP as seen by server
f120Text 1

Application Codes

31Fpos.dll, runtime errors
32Fpos.dll, alert trace messages
33Fpos.dll, general message, allocated in fpos.dll
38GDS RptProcAgent.exe
39GDS RptCommsAgent.exe
99SendAlert.exe, default AppCode for user created messages.
204Meetu4 application

Gnap.dll, Application Event Codes (F101)

1Free disk space below required minimumF120=Drive Letter, F110=Free space in Mb
2Watchdog timer expiryF110=Current watchdog interval in seconds, ie approx number of seconds until next watchdog is due.
3Memory load percentageF110=Memory Load