GDS Country Data

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This bucket provides information about countries of the world. The definition of "country" may vary according to the use required and this bucket does not attempt to classify countries

Bucket Name:

General Fields

Field/ReadField/WriteDatatypePresent by defaultPredicatesDescription
f100NumberYesYes The Gds assigned country# for this country. This is a constant for given country information.
f101StringYesYes The name of the country in the language of the request header. That is, this field is sensitive to the language of the input browser (Accept-Language). If no translation is available for a given country name, english will be substituted.
f120NumberYesNo Longitude. Typically centered on the capital city
f121NumberYesNo Latitude


Over time, countries will merge, split and change various attributes about themselves.


Request URI: http:.../gnap/buck?,0,64
  <f101>New Zealand</f101> 

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