GDS Packaging Types Data

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This bucket provides information about different types of packaging for retail products. Packaging type is defined as a primary packaging for a single item (single meaning a single purchase quantity, not 1 individual item taken from a product normally sold in packs of 5)

Bucket Name: retaildb.packaging_types

General Fields

Field/ReadField/WriteDatatypePresent by defaultPredicatesDescription
f100NumberYesYes The Gds assigned packaging identification number. This is a constant for a given packaging type
f101StringYesYes The name of the packaging as would be understood by a typical human who is not an expert in packaging systems
f102NumberYesNo Flag indicating this packaging type would be used for normal consumer level transactions. For example a "box" is a consumer level packaging type, while "container" (meaning large sea shipping container) would not be. A value of 1 indicates consumer level packaging type


Packaging types are known universal domain, #31. This bucket represents the defining data for this domain.