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Address Agent

The Address agent is broadly responsible for handling requests relating to physical or postal addresses. It responds to the following requests


Instructing address agent to reload data files if they have been externally updated. The best command to use is to target the API bucket that is affected rather than the agent. This is more future proof in case other agents also use the same PAF files.

GlobalData /control reloadfiles -bucket=address.validate

If you wish to reload only the address agent, use the following command

GlobalData /control reloadfiles -agent=address

The address agent can also be requested to exit, terminating the process. The watchdog will usually restart another agent as soon as it detects none are present

GlobalData /control selfexit -agent=address

Postal Address Files (PAF Files) - New Zealand

When you receive a new PAF file distribution and wish to start using them for processing you simply need to place the files in the folder. There are no ini files to edit, the system reads the source directory and works out what is required.

  1. Copy the files PAF2*.dat from the distribution Cdrom or media to the folder \Fieldpine\Gds2\Paf_AddressData\*.*
  2. Instruct Address agent to reload any existing files it has. Run from command line
    GlobalData /control reloadfiles /bucket=address.validate
    Alternatively, restart Gds2 completely, or simply wait and the files will be detected automatically in time.
  3. Remove any old PAF files. We suggest keeping at least two copies in case there is a problem with the most recent files. You should also keep at least two copies if the PAF data is being distributed automatically to stores for local processing.
  4. Optionally, check the online event monitor to verify no errors are being logged.