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GlobalData.exe Gds Agent

This program acts as an interface between Windows and Gds system.

Starting this program as a Windows service causes Gds to be started, or restarted if still active.

Stopping the GlobalData service causes Gds to advise programs that after a time delay they should start to cleanup and exit.

Restarting the GlobalData service (ie stop and start in short time interval) causes Gds to flag to all user Agents they should stop and restart when it is safe to do so. Essentially they are being asked to restart but should not discard any active work. But they should only complete active work, not accept new requests until after they have restarted.

You cannot rename this program, it must be called GlobalData.exe


To install Global Data as a service, use the Windows SC tool from the command line with your current directory as the GDS root folder. After the binpath= parameter there is a mandatory space. For more options please refer to Microsoft documentation.

	SC create "GlobalData" binPath= "c:\fieldpine\gds\GlobalData.exe"