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This object defines a geographic place.

This object isn't directly supplied by GDS, but used by packages that may wish to implement a standardised view of a "place". It is not really practical to define every attribute of a place, and this object will continue to grow over time, however, the use of standardised codes and meanings can simplify data sharing. Often, an implementing system may chose to use the GDS GeoLocation object to extend their current view of a "place" - it does not need to replace a current systems view.

Position/Defining Fields

f210doubleLatitude (WS84) for a Geographic point
f211doubleLongitude (WS84) for a Geographic point
f300stringStreet or delivery address as entered by user. This field contains original information and is basically free form human input
f301stringStreet or delivery address from f300 after internal processing and parsing. Multiple lines are delimited with pipe (|)
f302stringDelivery instructions for humans. eg "Go to back door"
f303stringContact Phone number at this address
f304stringContact Name at this address
f305stringContact Email at this address
f400stringPostCode. This may be user entered or system defined
f401numberCountry. Codes are GDS standard country codes

Other Fields

100-119VariesReserved for enclosing applications