GDS Item Catalog Object
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Defines a single catalog item. If the item can be purchased in different pack sizes, then multiple item catalog records are returned, one for each price/quantity break.

Fields 100 to 999 inclusive are reserved for enclosing objects to use for own purposes.

Identity Fields

f1200's'Name of Item (English)
f1202's'Primary barcode. Single main barcode for this item. This refers to be base retail level barcode, not logistic or trade unit barcodes.
f1203?Reserved for barcode symbology of f1202
f1204's'Reference to Retail Data Item object. The exact contents of this field is not yet documented
f1205date/timeDate and Time UTC that record was created
f1206's'Order code for this catalog item

Price and Quantity Fields

f1300's'Primary current price of this item, excluding tax where applicable
f1301's'Primary current price of this item, including tax where applicable
f1302'E'Minimum purchase quantity in terms of f1304. If not defined 1 is assumed.
f1303'E'Maximum purchase quantity in terms of f1304. If not defined unlimited is assumed
f1304'E'Quantity in outer. If not defined 1 is assumed
f1305?Outer packaging type. Optional and only required when f1304 is greater than 1
f1307's'Available from
f1308's'Available until. If this field is not defined the assumption is this pricing is available until further notice.
f1310'E'Overall stock availibility. (Values...??)


The following two packets defines a product with name of "Lemon Drink". A single item can be purchased for $1.20, or a pack of 12 can be purchased for $10.00
  <f1200>Lemon drink</f1200>
  <f1200>Lemon drink</f1200>