GDS Load Command
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The load command allows you to load external data files into GDS.


Format Descriptors

This argument defines the format of the file and columns.

Column Descriptors

This argument defines the format and handling of each individual column

Syntax: map Column Name [ position NNN ]

Column Name defines the output column name to be loaded in the target table.

The position keyword is optional and if not specified is the next position to be used from the source file, after use this next counter is incremented. If you specify the position keyword for a column then all columns defined after that point use the position set as a base.


Load a CSV type file into a table in an incremental fashion. This might be used where the input file contains only a few records to be added to the output table, without losing the current stored data in the table.

load into table MyOutputTable from file 'MyFiles*.csv' format csv column delimiter comma header skip 3
   map sampledate position 0
   map skey
   map raw_count position 5
   map prime_count
   atend rename '*.done';