GdsTemporal Javascript Object Documentation

This object allows you to retrieve internal temporarl information about storage objects on a Fieldpine GDS server. Specifically, it allows you to retrieve the log of changes to a particular row and the dates and times of these changes.

Fieldpine GDS has the option to mark tables as temporal storage, which means that changes to the tables are logged and kept over time. A normal request will only return the most recent value of a row, but all the previous versions are also maintained. This object allows access to those previous entries and permits a "show me changes" type of report.

GDS has two main models of Temporal storage:

  1. Where GDS is the primary database. In this model GDS is able to offer precise temporal information as every change is processed through GDS.

  2. Where GDS is reporting from a connected database, such as a ReadOnly ODBC connection. With this model, GDS is configured to scan at periodic intervals and detect changes in the underlying data. The precision of the temporal information is only as precise as the scan intervals.

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