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Minimum Hardware Requirements


Standalone Checkouts

This section is for retailers that run multiple checkouts within a store. If you are a single store retailer with a single checkout please refer to the "Back Office/Store Masters" section below.


A minimum of 2Gb memory, 100Gb free disk and a CPU capable of SSE2 and SSE4.1 instructions. Windows 7 or higher. Lower spec'd devices will still work but you may have performance issues or additional manual steps when upgrades are applied.

Single store retailers with one checkout should


Back Office/Store Masters

A backoffice or store master is a PC that is often considered to be controlling your store. Generally this is the managers PC or some other backoffice computer. It can be used for other purposes, such as email, but the more you try and run the bigger the computer you will need


Minimum 4Gb memory, 100Gb free disk and a CPU capable of SSE2, 4.1 and preferably AVX instructions.


Head Office Servers

A Head Office server is a computer that receives and records all information for all your stores


Minimum of 8Gb memory, 500Gb free disk and a CPU capable of SSE2 and SSE4.1 instructions. Windows 7 or higher.


Excel Power Users


Any supported Windows PC


Performance of Excel can be influenced by the size of the computer being used. For optimum performance of Excel we suggest 4 or more CPUs and an SSD drive to hold temporary data. The Excel addin will automatically adapt to suit the computer and network speed.

Technical Note: The Excel addin generally communicates to a central server over the the network, however it can also download parts of the database and perform some calculations locally. This reduces network latency and can improve calculation speed, but is only effective where the local PC has sufficient fast resources.

Specialised Options


For "stick" computers. Minimum of 5Gb free disk space and 1GHz processor (x86 or x64 chipsets). Stick computers are generally used for specialised functions

Barcode Scanners

Not supported: A "no-name" brand scanner sold at Dick Smith New Zealand. It is unable to be programmed with the prefix/suffix characters required.

Receipt Printers

Receipt printers are the retail specific printers, not normal document printers.

You may used any printer supported by Windows as a receipt printer. You must be able to print a Windows test page correctly for us to support it.

Label Printers

Printers that support ZPL or EPL should work correctly but should be validated


Fuel Controllers