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Product.WriteOff.Qty & Product.WriteOff.Value

Product.WriteOff.Qty returns the total quantity of items written off, while Product.WriteOff.Value returns the the value (cost) of the written off items.



 = Pinboard("product.writeoff.qty", Product-Id, From-Date, To-Date, Location, Reason, Restrictions)
Optional. Selects a single product for reporting
Optional. Specifies the start date and only records after this point are returned. If not specified the default of 1 year ago is used as the start date
Optional. Specifies the end date and only records before this point are returned
Optional. Requests that writeoffs for a single location is returned. If not supplied details for all stores are returned.
Optional. Selects a single writeoff reason code to report on.
Optional. Allows you to supply a range of additional restrictions to refine your request. A value of "supplier=N" and/or "department=M" can be specified to restrict to a single supplier or department.

If using variant based inventory, such as tracking different issues of magazines and periodicals, the "count" statistics will group all the variants together and only report one figure for a single product


 =Pinboard("product.writeoff.qty", 32)

Return the total number of items of product #32 written off within the last year.

 =Pinboard("product.writeoff.qty", 23, "1-jun-2000", "1-may-2000", 16, 0, "supplier=4 department=8")

Return the total number of items of product #23 written off in June of 2000, in store#16 and where the products are supplied by supplier#4 and the products belong to department#8