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The pastsales() command accesses and performs functions on sales that have already completed, such as reprinting receipts. It also allows you to display an interactive search screen.


Reprint N copies of the sale receipt for sale number SID. N is an optional parameter and if not specified defaults to a single copy.


Reprint M copies of the Nth most recently completed sale. M is an optional parameter and if not specified a single copy will be printed. If a split screen system is being used, this command searches for the Nth oldest sale in the screen side the command is used from. This searching is restricted to recent, memory cached, sales, and if a large N is used, then the "side" selection is no longer used. Essentially, using the command for more than 10 sales ago results in undefined sale selection.


Restrict the display to only show parked sales, that is those sales that are not completed and have been defered for later completion.


Restrict the display to only show layby sales.


Restrict the display to only show sales in pickup state.


Restrict the display to only show sales awaiting stock picking. These sales are typically web sales from a website.




Display a user defined selection box on the pastsales screen capable of user input and scanning alternative tables to satisfy the search criteria. Parameter T specifies the database table to scan, with parameter F setting the field that is scanned for the users input. Parameter P specifies the user prompt to be displayed on the screen. Parameter D supplies a range of special extra controls. If D is set to auto=N, then when the user enters N or more characters into the search field, the POS will automatically search the database.


Sets the default number of days back to scan to N days. If this parameter is not specified, the default is to only shows sales from the current calender day.


This is an extension to the pastsales(filter) option. It allows controlled searching of additional tables, but in this syntax you can supply additional predicates automatically. You can only use filter or derive on a screen, not both. Derive has three sub-options, table() prompt() and psql(), to supply the additional searching capability required.