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Places text strings onto User Interface screens.

Command Options


Defines the bounding box position the text is drawn on the window.

label(string) or text(string)

The text to be drawn. eg "Pay" or "Spaghetti".


Reserved for multilingual environments. Do not use.


Specifies the RGB triple colour to draw the text background in.


Specifies the RGB triple colour for the label on the text.


Sets the font characteristics to use on the text


A list of keywords allowing full control over positioning of the text. Acceptable keywords are: center, left, right, bottom, tab, noclip, prefix, singleline, top, middle, wordwrap, disable, hidden. Each keyword can also be prefixed with "-" to remove it from the list of styles. eg "position(center -singleline wordwrap)" Center the text, use wordwrap and multiple lines if needed.


Manually hook this item to the internal message routing tables.


Provides additional commands if the condition is true or false. This can be used to conditionally alter the appearance or even the content of the text.


Define the name of this control so that commands can be routed to it.


Mark that this text is not static, and may need to be refreshed periodically. An example would be a text field that displays the current system time. Without the dynamic parameter, the display would show the time at the point it was rendered (or redrawn), with the dynamic parameter, it is continually refreshed when activated by hook events.


If the text is too large to fit into the bounding rectangle, reduce the font size until the text can fit without clipping.

Examples of Use

6030|askuser|||text|at(10,10,430,35) label(Do you wish to proceed ?) font(Comic Sans MS,22)||6081