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Electronic Receipt Configuration

This page relates to the following products/programs: PosGreen, RetailMaxWin, Fpos

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Example Electronic Receipt Configuration

Electronic Receipts allows a properly configured POS system to pass receipts to customers electronically.

Receipts are transmitted to a central web site immediately on completion of sale, where they are instantly available for customers.

Information sent in receipts is generally not personal in nature and does not contain credit card numbers at all.

Enable Electronic Receipts
This section allows you to configure which receipts are dispatched for electronic handling. Chose all the types of receipts you wish to handle electronically.

The customer on demand option controls whether customers using customer facing touch screens at the checkout can dynamically request their receipt electronically. If you are using customer displays, these can be configured to interact with customers

If you assign a specific customer number to all cash sales, enter the CID value here. This ensures that these sales are sent as anonymous cash sales rather than all being linked together.

Print QR Code
If you are not using graphical Customer Displays, then you can print the QR code on the receipt for customers. This QR code can be scanned by the customer and takes them directly to their receipt

Allow Meetu4 Identity cards
Meetu4 identity cards are used by some individuals and businesses to rapidly identify themselves and facilatate automatic data exchange.

Chain Code / Password
These values record your connection to the Meetu4 server when you are using an authenticated upload

Enable Benchmarking
Click to enable non identifying summary information about sales to be used for external benchmarking. Sharing your sales anonymously allows you to benchmark against other retailers in a secure / anonymouse fashion.

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