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How to Add a Receipt Printer

The following instructions can be used if you have installed your receipt printer and successfully printed a test page.

  1. Start your RetailMAX system, and select the "Menu" button located at the top left of the screen to open the menu window.
  2. Press the "Int Sys Func Entry" button.
  3. Enter the following number into the "Run Internal System Function" screen and press execute now: 73838
  4. The "Configure Sale/Receipt Printer" window will open.

    Configure Receipt Print 1

  5. Select the printer from the drop down menu on the "Sale/Receipt Printer" field.(see screen shot above)
  6. Select the type of "Paper Cutter" to use with your printer. (Note: Leave this selected as "Epson Paper Cutter" first and see if it works without changing. A lot of printers can use this option by default.) If your printer doesn't use a paper cutter then select the "No Paper Cutter" option.
  7. Press "Ok" to save any changes you have made.
  8. Perform a sale and confirm a receipt is printed to the correct printer.