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This dll contains the logic to connect to printers and formatting commands for labels. It is not typically used for receipt printing as this is done directly by the host application, but it can be used for receipt printing in some configurations.

Command Line

This dll includes some maintainance functions that can be directly invoked from the command line for advanced users.

The command line option first requires the printer() command to specify which printer is to be used. The name of the Windows print queue or the Fieldpine specification names should be used here. For POS Users, these values are the same as the setting ItemLabelPrinter

Optional commands

Sets the density of the printer, controlling how black it should be. The value of N must be within the acceptable range for the printer. For Zebra printers the range is 0-15, where 0 is lightest and 15 is darkest. Speed and density work together to affect output quality. Refer to your printer manuals for the acceptable range for different models.
Defines the print speed. Using a slower speed typically results in higher quality output so this is a trade off of speed vs quality. You must select a print speed that is within the range of your printer model. Please see your printer reference manuals if it is not listed below.
Zebra GK420250mm/sec (2.0 ips)
375mm/sec (3.0 ips)
4100mm/sec (4.0 ips)
5125mm/sec (5.0 ips)
Zebra 2824
Zebra 2844
137mm/sec (1.5 ips)
250mm/sec (2.0 ips)
363mm/sec (2.5 ips)
487mm/sec (3.5 ips)

Example 1. Setting Density=12 on a printer connected via a Windows Print Queue

rundll32 fpprinters.dll,ControlAPI printer(MyLabels) density(12)

Example 2. Setting Density=13 and Print Speed=2 on a network connected printer.

rundll32 fpprinters.dll,ControlAPI printer(fdl(ip( port(9100))) speed(2) density(13)

Density and Speed Effects

The following image shows the same label printed at different speed and density settings on a Zebra GC420d printer using Jewelry butterfly labels

Click here for a higher resolution image (Warning: 13Mb 4128x2322 pixels) Make sure to use "Actual size" when viewing to see differences in quality

Density and Speed Printing Example Density=12 Speed=5 (dark and fast)
Density=12 Speed=2 (dark and slow)
Density=8 Speed=2 (normal and slow)
Density=8 Speed=3
Density=8 Speed=4
Density=8 Speed=5 (normal and fast)

Update History

Implement debug=N in the CTL file to allow tracing
For format 14, always print the product id as the barcode
Allow positioning offsets for formats 14 and 15 also
Added command line options to set density and speed into printers
Minor changes to positioning on jewelry labels.