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Retail systems cannot stand still; and at Fieldpine we allow retailers to specify and control what enhancements they wish to see.

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Support XYZ printer


Allow the new XYZ printer to be used as a receipt printer.

This is an awesome printer released just last week at the retail expo.

Track Competitors

Estimate: $1,800

Let me record all competitor marketing and analyse it, and permit it to be shared among our franchise group

EA13-FX-XML Reporting

Not calculated

We need to report yearly totals using the financial XML standards, so could all reports be exportable in this format as well as current formats.

We specifically require the extensions for Easter Island retailers.

Interface to ABC

Not calculated

The supplier, ABC, has a electronic ordering interface and we would like to be able to receive pricing and send them orders automatically.

If you want a change to the system design then all customers are able to request enhancements. Enhancements come in two main flavours, private and general.

  1. A Private enhancement is customer specific and not to be released to the general user base. These are always arranged directly and charged at full price
  2. A General enhancement is a change that will be made available to all users of the Point Of Sale system.

Fieldpine decide internally what general enhancements are applied to the system and when. However, retailers often desire features more rapidly. As the cost of private enhancements can be high, especially for smaller retailers, we may place a subsidised cost on general enhancements and if any retailer agrees to pay that amount, that specific enhancement rises to the top of the queue.

This enhancement request page allows retailers to submit requests, see requests from other retailers and see the Fieldpine estimated charge. While changes often sound simple they can have significant secondary impacts across the system. By placing a cost on enhancements we are able to provide a quantative measure of this cost for you.


  • You can submit as many enhancment requests as you wish.
  • Your submisssions will be reviewed before they are made visible to other retailers and you will not be identifible.
  • Some changes, as always, will be implemented almost immediately.
  • Your descriptions do not need to be overly detailed, just enough to show needs
  • This list does not imply any form of commitment to ever implement a request, or indicate time-lines.
  • If you want guarantees that an enhancement will be implemented, pay the fee; otherwise it is solely at Fieldpine discretion.
  • Fieldpine do review this list and select items from it. Any pricing shown is only to allow retailers to expediate changes.
  • Independant retailers may combine to pay for enhancements, however Fieldpine will only deal directly with one retailer.
  • If you pay for an enhancement, we allow you to optionally pay extra for a short embargo period so that you alone have access to this feature. There are several rules and conditions around this option, but we appreciate some features offer competitive advantages.


  • I am a programmer, can I develop these enhancements and collect the fee?
    Complex to answer and will depend on the exact enhancement. Fieldpine can be extended and customised with several different APIs. Using an API is easier to outsource. Larger or standalone features are easier to outsource, as are standalone iOS or Android Apps.


Retailers that pay for general enhancements can optionally pay for an embargo to stop release to other retailers.
  • Embargo periods are best-effort by Fieldpine. We cannot guarantee non release for all enhancements.
  • During the embargo period, any other retailer may be able pay Fieldpine the same price and receive the feature, irrespective of the embargo. We will evaluate these on a case by case basis, with geographic proximity and rivalry between the retailers being primary deciding factors. If you want sole rights to functionality, request private enhancements.
  • Embargo periods are an additional "thank you" for retailers, not a right.
  • Embargos are not possible on all features.
  • If embargoed functionality causes support problems or incompatiabities, the embargo may be lifted.

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Looking for specific documentation, more examples on some feature, or something else? Feel free to let us know.

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