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Fieldpine have updated the original GreenLite free point of sale, and now offer the following free options

Fieldpine Store Server Entry. A downloadable version suitable for single store and up to 3 concurrent users. Selling is via web browsers instore.

Fieldpine Online a web based online Point of Sale (selling) and Management console


Details about the various Fieldpine solutions for Retailers


Online Point Of Sale

Login to your online POS to work remotely, at home or on your mobile phone.



Guides for users, operators and owners on how to use and get the most out of your system.



Support guides and information



Applications, utilities and other stuff


Live Results

Use you phone to monitor sales while your stores are still trading. Updated constantly.


The original Fieldpine GreenLite V2.5 can still be downloaded from here. This particular kit was retired in January 2005.