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Gds/2 Systems Roadmap

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Gds/2 systems are designed to be largely self diagnosing reflecting the fact that they are often installed in embedded systems and not subjected to constant care and attention.

Key Points
  1. Gds/2 systems talk to many external systems, and often a failue on these will be reflected as issues in Gds/2.
  2. Do not randomly start killing Gds/2 processes or stopping services, you may compound the problem.
  3. Follow the steps below to possibly identify the root issue, or at least capture required information for technical support
  4. If you exhaust all possibilities, reboot the machine.

See Also: Performance/Hardware

Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Use your browser to access the URL /debug/http/default.htm Depending on security and setup this might be on several different paths. If you remote to the server, likely addresses are or

    When this connects, and this url is specifically isolated from many problems, you should get a page similar to the following.

    The "Issues" icon (top left) lists known problems within Gds/2. If you have problems listed, then Gds/2 is aware it is struggling and you should correct these problems first if possible. Some of the problems listed here are application level or simple system tasks (eg required file has gone missing, system disk space low), others may be internal Gds operation.

    The "Recent Problems" lists things that have happened which might be of interest, but Gds/2 believes it has already resolved and continued from these events. This can also indicate the source problem though. If you see that the ODBC network link has recently failed, then Gds/2 is likely to be currently blocking requests waiting for the database to return.

    The "Open Requests" shows the number of internal queries waiting. This is instantly sampled so can show a value even if everything working. If this shows zero, then Gds currently has no work to do.

  2. If you still have a problem, click on the support tab and Capture the internal details. This records some internal state and will be required if you wish to contact Technical support.

Requests Waiting Issues

If you are investigating Requests waiting, then you are attempting to find what is blocking the request from functioning. Click on the Requests tab and all queued requests are displayed. This list does not update by default, you need to press refresh to capture it.