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Common Errors

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This roadmap is covers errors in a general manner, you should refer to more specific roadmaps if available

BIS syncronise did not complete

This error is reported when the system knows it might have a problem and the operator needs to perform a sync operation. The system does not automatically sync as there might be environmental reasons we dont know about that mean we should not block operation (eg. A large queue of customers waiting)

This error is a warning to the user that things might be out of whack. You can continue to use the system, but if strange errors you should perform a sync as the first step. The error is reported quite generally, it may be reported when there is no issue

For more information on this error, refer to Support Article #2182

A Speed Test of the database/disk required....

During startup the POS may chose to verify the speed of critical system components. This message is displayed when we have detected the hardware is not performing fast enough

For more information on this message, refer to Support Article #2104