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POS Screens and Dialogs Roadmap

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This page contains a collection of tips for solving problems relating to screens. It does not delve deeply into any one screen.

  1. Are you investigating a performance issue where the screen works but is slow? First check Performance Roadmap
  2. Has the user changed the screen to use larger fonts? There is a feature in some versions of Windows that allows you to scale all fonts, and this can cause some POS screens to no longer fit on the computer screen. This is most likely to occur when using "edit" from a lookup screen as it creates a long dialog screen.

    To see if the user has selected this, visit Control Panel / Display or right click the desktop and select Appearance and Personalisation.

  3. Are generated screens such as product/customer edit/new entry screens not showing all entry fields or OK, Cancel buttons?

    By default the screen generator will create an dialog screen that is 2 columns wide and 30 rows high. On modern screens, systems with larger numbers of fields or some other cases, this can result in fields appearing to vanish. It is possible to change the number of rows with the following quickcodes

    QuickcodeNumber of rows
    f78500Resets to default
    f78501Prompts for value to use
    f7853030 rows
    f7855050 rows

    Tip. If the change entered reverts back to previous default each time the Point of Sale is restarted then it is likely the value has been hardcoded in fpos.ctl or fpos_all.ctl and will need to be manually removed or corrected. We recommend removing the value if it present in fpos.ctl files

    Note. Generated entry screens in the POS cannot display some fields by design, such as very long text fields. In general we suggest sites migrate to the web entry/edit screens where possible. The grey entry screens in POS are deprecated.