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Fieldpine use the date/time as reported by Windows, and we rely on this value being correct. Transactions are recorded using the date/time reported from Windows when needed.

It is not practical for Fieldpine to recreate their own date/time source rather than using Windows date/time. Reliable values such as date/time is something an operating system is meant to provide. The Point of Sale cannot reliably validate that the date/time is correct without communicating to another computer.

Incorrect Date/Time

Note A

The default action is to continue with bad dates, based on the rule it is better to capture sales and fix later than block selling to a customer, however, some retailers may prefer to have the problem fixed first. If the setting PlatformCheckFailure=abort is defined, the POS will force exit after informing the user of this problem

Wrong Date Formats

The datetime regional settings affect how dates and times are interpreted and displayed by default. If your are in a non American country where the date is presented in a DD/MM/YYYY format, then you may need to change this setting in Windows. Fieldpine applications use the default Windows "locale" for formatting dates/times. If this is mismatched then often reports will behave strangely.

There are two locale formats that need to be changed, the default user one which is clear to change and the default system locale that applies to services, this system one is much more tricky to find and change.

Advanced. You can check the current locale settings by bringing up the following diagnostics url http://PosService:Port/gnap/M/buck?3=fieldpineinternal.fdl911.fetch&100=25000 Search for Locale on the results and you will find a section as follows

<LocaleLongDateTime>dddd, d MMMM yyyy</LocaleLongDateTime>
<LocaleCountry>New Zealand</LocaleCountry>
<LocaleSysLongDateTime>dddd, d MMMM yyyy</LocaleSysLongDateTime>
<LocaleSysCountry>New Zealand</LocaleSysCountry>

To change the values, go into the Windows date time settings (from start type "date" and select "Date & Time settings"). Select regional formatting option as shown.

Verify the settings on this first page are correct, and then click on additional settings as shown below.

Select change date/time or number formats

Click the administrative tab

Click on copy accounts. You will need administrative authorization.

Make sure that each of the "format" settings is showing the correct values. They are changed by ticking the checkboxes at the bottom. If you require more assistance, contact your Windows support team