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Live Events - Diagnostic Event Monitoring

Fieldpine system generate diagnostic information internally and this information is sent to Fieldpine server for proactive monitoring.

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How it Works

As problems or potential problems are detected, the software silently attempts to send support messages to Fieldpine. The normal operation in store is not affected, counter staff are still alerted to the problem if needed.

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Receipt Printer

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Once received, the support servers store the messages for historical reporting. This is invaluable when faults are reported days later, or for general trend tracking

In addition to error events, periodic status reports are also sent so that general health of systems can be monitored even if there aren't direct problems

Collection Details

The following information is enabled by default. This list may change from version to version. Sites can enable and disable both more or less information if they wish.

System Startup
Packet generated saying system started application. Includes background information about overall machine state, disk space, errors, etc
Version Change
The system detected a version of some code has changed
A support quick code was exected
Runtime Errors and Flow Errors
Details of internal errors and potential errors
Time Changed
Reports system time change, if it exceeds certain limits
Sync Completed
A sync operation has completed. Includes details of time taken, amount of traffic, etc
Database Slow
A query issued to the database was outside predefined acceptable limits.
Warning Messages
Messages displayed to the user.
Crash Detected
Sent when the system detects internal failure
Lots of Files
If the system detects excessive files or size.
Major System Issue
If the system failed to perform a primary task, this message is sent even if the user was advised. For example, failing to print a receipt.
Hardware Change
An interesting hardware change was detected
Auto Recovery
The system undertook internal auto recovery after detecting internal problems. ie A self reset was performed.
Configuration Error
Sent if the system knows it is mis configured.

Full Technical documentation. The full technical documentation also shows the range of optional reporting you can enable