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eLink retailmax.elink.stock.transit Bucket

Transfers stock from one store to another. There are two main modes of stock transfers, the first "Quick Transfer" simply adjusts the stock levels within the system and assumes all external tracking of physical movement is being handled externally. The second "tracked transit" mode creates transfer documentation and manages the physical flow of stock from one store to the other. The receiving store is required to accept and confirm the stock arrival.

Field List

f8_s String

Required. Constant 'retailmax.elink.stock.transit'

f100_E Srcloc Number

Source store sending stock out

f101_E Trgloc Number

Target store receiving stock in

f150_E mode number

Coded number indicating type of transfer requested:

0. (default)
Requests a full tracked transit
Indicates a quick transfer is requested, where levels are adjusted in the system and no other action is performed

f200_E Pid Number f201_E PVariant Number f202_E Qty Number