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Fieldpine Retail Solutions for store automation, Point Of Sale (POS), inventory and stock management, customer management, loyalty programs and analytical reporting. Available as private in-house systems, fully online cloud based or a combination of the two.

Corporate Customers

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Smaller retailers with one store can download a Store Server.
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Products Overview

Fieldpine Retail is available in a number of configurations and you can mix and match components to suit what you require. It is a hybrid system, capable of operating "in-house", "cloud", or both at the same time.

Sales Capture can use PosGreen where a highly reliable checkout approach is required. This can be suplmented with tablets or even mobile selling apps if these fit your needs better.

Transactions from all devices are stored in Store Servers or Internet servers, or both.

Our solutons are architected around high reliability, continuing to operate regardless of failure at any single point

Point Of Sale, Sales Capture

Choose one or more program to capture sales

PosGreen Entry PosGreen Full Browser Pos
PlatformWindows 7 or higherWindows 7 or higherDesktop PC, MAC, iPad, iPod touch, Android Tablet etc
Maximum Products1,000 Note 1UnlimitedDepends on Server
Minimum is 1,000
Maximum Customers20,000 Note 2UnlimitedUnlimited
Maximum SalesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Included ModulesNonePurchasing, CustomersDepends on Server
Full Device and Feature List click to expand click to expand click to expand
Supported Devices Support can vary by device and platform
Barcode ScannersYesYesYes
Receipt PrintersYesYesYes
Fuel ControllersOption (POA)Option (POA)No
Sale Features
Park/Recall SalesYesYesVaries
Price Monthly Purchased Monthly Purchased
$10$400$90$1495Included with Store Server
Upgrade RightsIncluded$5 Per upgradeIncluded$5 Per upgrade
or $1000 per site
Support On DemandAdd onOptional ExtraN/AOptionN/A
Telephone Support ContractNoNoIncluded$400/pa
Includes Upgrade Rights


  1. How long is the contract? There is no minimum or maximum periods, it is a pay as you go (and grow) approach.
  2. Can I credit montly payments towards a purchase if I decide to buy. No.
  3. What happens if I miss payments? The system will operate for 3 months before switching to read only mode. You must catch up all outstanding payments.
  4. What happens if I cease trading? You may stop payments and support, the system will attempt to continue in read only mode forever in order to meet legal reporting requirements. We advise....

Store Server

Controls a whole store and coordinates multiple lanes within a single store, also to communicate to other store servers in remote stores.

Store Server - Entry Store Server - Full Fieldpine Online Upgrade Options
Runs on a computer inside your store.Runs on a computer inside your store Uses Fieldpine Servers
Concurrent Active Users (explain)355 Additional 5 User Packs - $50/month
Additional 50 User Packs - $400/month
Price Per MonthFree$100$20
Included Point Of Sale Lanes
(PosGreen Full Version)
Multi Store CapableNoYesYes
Can Use Fieldpine OnlineYesYesN/A
Number of Products1,00050,000With Store Server Full: 50,000
With Store Server Entry: 1,000
SupportOnline, and self diagnosisOnline, and self diagnosisN/A
Upgrade rightsIncludedIncludedN/A
Cpu RestrictionsNoneNoneNone..distributed..

Optional Extras

Integrated Excel Reporting

Most reports can already be downloaded and saved as Excel spreadsheets, but our Excel Addin for Fieldpine takes this to the next level and allows you to create spreadsheets containing formulas that read information directly from your Retail System.

For Power Excel users, this permits you to design your own reports and have them constantly updating as sales progress. Cost $10/month/user


Live Results

Review realtime live trading results on your cell phone. Provides summary information by store. Cost: $Free more


Extended Limits

If your requirements for products or customers exceed the limits for PosGreen Entry or Store Server Entry you can unlock an extended limit.

Hire Module

The hire module adds the functionality for small hire shops to rent items, track hire and returns, manage memberships.

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