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Technical & API Guides

Programming Overview

Explanation of how the POS can be customised, where, when and why.

Interface Options

Overview of the various interface options available.
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Architecture, Internals, How it Works

Mesh Database

Technical details on the distributed temporal database engine and how to configure it

Document Conversion

How receipts, statements and other documents are defined and processed

Global Data Server

How a Gds Server (Store Server) operates and how to configure it

Automatic Testing

How to configure your own automated regression tests (advanced)

Flow Reference

Information about the Flow points used on debug pages


Technical information about the builtin remote debugger.

Configuration and Setup

Business Rules

How to define business rules for controlling POS operation


How to configure Email interface and how emails are created

Customer Link

Technical information for developers about using Customer Link

Supplier Link

Technical information for developers about using Supplier Link

POS Configuration

Details about to configure the POS and files used to control POS operation


Setup and configuration of the Purchasing Subsystem

Global Data Server

How to configure a test server

eLink Server

Technical information about the eLink Servers and usage


How to use machines to provide custom business rules

Device Access

How to configure a system to allow access to printers and other devices

Bulk Loading Data

How to use Excel Spreadsheets to load products, suppliers, customers and others

Customisation of Point Of Sale (Checkouts)

POS Commands

Reference: Command and Control used by User Interfaces to control POS engine operation

Web Interface

How to create web pages that interact with the POS lanes

User Interfaces

Reference guide for User Interface designers using PosGreen.

API Documentation


Information for Point of Sale users on the XML API


Details of the utility API functions built into GDS itself.


How the APIs can be called from different languages