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Product Fields

This page does not yet include documentation on all possible fields.

ProductCase Publish RxAble ShelfLabelFormat GatewayFormula Product Manufacturer Properties

Product Case

Contains the product identifier of another product that is the intended case for this product, essentially linking the two products together. Example:

PidDescriptionProduct Case
123Dior fashion glasses831
831200ml clam shell case

Excel Name:Can be any from the following table
API Name:ProductCase
Excel HeadingDescriptionExample
Product CaseFieldpine will attempt to interpret the value and work out what is meant
Product Case (pid)Cell contains a Product Id831
Product Case (plucode)Cell contains a plu/skuABC123
Product Case (physkey)Cell contains an internal physkeyKEPYNQ3EQ54J5UR3G7A8QIQAADVQAAAA


Indicates which web site(s) this product can be published too. Products can be optionally published to up to 7 different websites, and this field contains a mask of which websites are enabled.

Excel Name:publish
API Name:Publish

The product edit screen displays the publish field as several tickboxs

The following values may be used in Excel bulkload. Enter the value for the website you wish to publish too. If you wish to publish to multiple websites, add the values together. For example to publish to Website2 and Website4, you add 2 + 8 = 10. So set the field to 10 using Excel

1Same as ticking "Publish to Website" (aka Website #1)
2Same as ticking Website2
4Same as ticking Website3
8Same as ticking Website4
16Same as ticking Website5
32Same as ticking Website6
64Same as ticking Website7

Technical. API users need to use the same values as Excel when extracting a Product list for a specific website. Internally the field is a number/bitmask. Also note that 7 websites is the current supported limit, even though the mask has additional bits available.


Is this product useable in prescriptions.

Excel Name:rxable
API Name:RxAble

The following values may be used in Excel bulkload

Numeric CodeWord Code


The name of the shelf label format that this product should use by default. You can create several different shelf label formats, so this field indicates which format to use. Names are case insenstive and should only contain alphanumeric values, without whitespace or punctuation.

Excel Name:ShelfLableFormat
API Name:ShelfLableFormat


This field contains an expression that is evaluated to see if a product should be loaded into a target system. This is only needed for multi store retailers or retailers accepting a product feed from third parties. The incoming product definition contains this field value, and that is the formula that is checked.

Gateway formulas look at the configuration of the current (target) system and produce a result. If the result of the expression is 0 (or NaN, INF) the product is not loaded, otherwise for any non zero formula result, the product is loaded.

Examples of expressions that might be stored in the product.GatewayFormula field For more details, refer to Formulas documentation

Only load in stores that have the setting "citystore"
citystore & sydney
Only load in stores that have both of the settings "citystore" and "sydney". This formula uses a logical-and operation, so both are required
citystore + sydney
Only load in stores that have either of the settings "citystore" or "sydney". This formulas adds the setting values, and we load the product for any formula result 1 or higher.
Excel Name:GatewayFormula
API Name:GatewayFormula


Contains the name of the manufacturer of the product. The manufacturer is who makes the product as different from the supplier from whom you purchase the product.

Technically the ProductManufacturer field contains a key reference to the Products_Manufacturer table. This means you can record additional information about the manufacturer, while only seeing the manufacturers name on the product record.

PidProduct Manufacturer
123Ace Foundry
831Zheng Xi (2008) Shanghai

When you load an Excel spreadsheet containing manufacturer names, Fieldpine looks up the name to see if it is already known, and if not automatically adds it as a new value. Misspellings will create new manufacturer records

Field# 383

API Notes
When fetching a product record the value for "ProductManufacturer" will be the Key value for the Products_manufacturer table. The actual name will be in the decoded section, if you requested this. Alternatively, you can simply request the manufacturer table as well.


A "property" on a product holds a range of flags that can be selected and set. The Product edit screen shows the subset of all available properties that have been used in your retail environment. Use the "Find More" button to add a new property for the first time; thereafter it will appear in the initial list.

Field# 526

API Notes
Reading properties returns either a single value or an array.

// Pid 1234 has the property "RoHS 3" set
  "pid": 1234,
  "properties": 1003

// Pid 9982 has the properties: "RoHS 3", "UMF 10+" and "H401 Toxic to aquatic life" set.
  "pid": 9982,
  "properties": [1003,64002,4000]

Property identifiers are a numeric value (greater than 0) and are constant for a given property value. A referecnce table in JSON format is available at This URL is open for CORS access from all domains

To query the list of currently used properties, GET /gnap/J/buck?3=retailmax.elink.referencedata.list&100=products_properties